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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Grilled Corn On the Cobs

Who doesn’t want to enjoy to enjoy some delicious grilled corn on the cob? In the warmer months while you get to go to holiday cookouts and family get-togethers there can truly be nothing better than slathering some butter on your corn from the mile high pile sitting next to the potato salad.

The question sometimes may be, do you cook your grilled corn on the cob in tin foil or do you lay it straight on the grates and cook it with grill marks?

We all know that everyone has their own particular way of making something. Some people wrap their grill grate in tin foil and poke holes through it for easy clean up.

Other people individually wrap their corn in foil and place them on the grill or sometimes straight in to the hot coals to cook. However you like your grilled or barbecued corn may just relate back to a matter of the taste.

How long do you need to cook your corn?

When it comes to how long to bbq corn in tin foil according to most recipes on Food Network the average time around when foil wrapped corn on the cob is ready is about 15 minutes.

This time may vary slightly depending on how hot your grill temperature is or if it is cooking while other temperature seeking food is on the grill with it.

This time is meant for grilling corn on the cob without husks in foil.

Because the foil is metal it will cook the corn within it which will make the corn or anything that is put in corn stay hotter longer and allow it to stay crisp to the bite which is different than when you boil corn.

The corn will also steam cook inside of the foil which allows it to keep it’s juiciness.

Is aluminum foil healthy food foods to grill in?

There are a lot of different discussions on if cooking food in aluminum foil is toxic to us or not.

Grilled corn on the cob in tin foil that is cooked without adding any spices, oil/butter or citrus is the best route to go because once you start adding extra things like seasoning the foil will start to break down.

You are best off making corn on the cob in foil without adding anything to the corn and then making a sauce or butter mixture on the side for people to add to their corn right before they eat it.

Grilled corn on the cob mixes/sauce ideas

Here are some different sauces and butters to make to bring your grilled corn to life.

Mexican style corn

6 delicious ways to flavor grilled corn

Corn butter recipes

Don’t want your corn on the cob, no problem!

If you were looking to grill your corn but weren’t interested in eating on the cob then you can cut it off and try some other ways. First you will always start off by grilling your corn, once your corn is finished then you’ll want to slice the corn off the cob and you can do so many different things.

You can make Mexican street corn by adding butter, mayo, seasoning and cheese (the cheese type varies which each recipe, usually Parmesan or Cotija cheese).

You may have picky eaters who don’t like a lot of seasoning, you could given them a corn with a little butter, salt and pepper. Mix your grilled corn up in a salad with a lot of other grilled veggies like tomatoes, onions and peppers and serve it tossed with an olive oil and seasoning mix.

The ideas are completely endless when it comes to what you can do when grilling up corn on the cob. When it comes to grilled corn on the cob in tin foil the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to flavors or what you can do to serve up that corn for yourself and your guests.

Definitely try to limit the seasoning that you are placing on your corn prior to taking it out of the aluminum foil but once the corn is taken out you can put then entire pantry on the corn.

If you need a quick and easy way to get rid of the silk on your corn check out this video.