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The Best Time To Buy A BBQ Grill Revealed!

Summer is when barbecue grilling usually starts. However, there are also plenty of great reasons to grill all year round. No matter what time of the year it is, this piece of equipment is here to stay. It is a wonderful addition to the patio or backyard and gives people an excuse to invite their friends over for a barbecue party. But, when is the best time to buy a grill?

But, when is the best time to buy a grill?

For those who have not found the right grill yet, now is the best time to buy a grill. There are several options available, along with the fact that grills have become better in many aspects. They have also become less expensive, especially when bought at the best time of the year.

For those who are serious about finding a price reduction on Weber grills, January and December are generally the months when some appliances are on sale. Select locations have deep discounts because they are getting their inventories cleared. However, it is not as easy as finding other brands on sale in various places, including Amazon and other online stores.

Most people opt to buy grills during the summer season. After all, it is when they start using the cooking appliance. They go on sale as well at this time of the year. However, it is possible to find numerous discounts on all types of grills before summer until the middle of the season. Labor Day is also the best time to buy a grill because it is one of the most popular holidays for barbecue.

For most consumers, the best time to buy barbecue BBQ grill is when they can get the lowest potential price for it. Many people will agree that Labor Day is when the deals are out. After this time, retailers often bring back the normal pricing for the grills. The reason behind it is that the inventory from the summer season should be cleared out. Therefore, the prices are much lower, which works great for customers.

To save on a grill, the perfect window of opportunity starts in late July through August. During the weekend of Labor Day, retailers would frequently mark down their grills. Customers even note that they have seen prices go down as much as 80%. Most of the time, however, the price reduction is around 60% to 70%, which would still provide a huge amount of savings.

Meanwhile, some specific brands put a price control on their products. For those waiting for the best time to buy a Weber grill, for instance, they should be aware that the company has pricing guidelines that retailers have to follow. Nevertheless, it does not mean that there is no way to score a deal on the brand’s top models, such as Genesis II, Spirit, and its portable grills.

The key to finding the best deal is to be in the right place at the right time. Usually, customers get a discount whenever Weber is redesigning a model. For instance, when the Spirit line went through a form of restructuring, some items on the old version were on clearance.

Is There a Bad Time to Buy?

When looking to purchase on a discount, the best time to buy a gas grill, charcoal grill, or even a smoker is right before summer ends. Fall is also a good period for buyers and they should not miss the Labor Day weekend where many sales are ongoing.

Other options also include the Fourth of July. It is best to buy right away when the grills start going on sale. The longer the wait, the fewer the selections will become available for the buyer.

With all these times in mind, it is also necessary to be aware that there is a period when it is not advisable to buy. The worst time is during springtime, which is from March through June. It is the time when people are preparing for the grilling season. Consumers know about it and the retailers understand it as well. 

New models start to arrive and many people want to get their hands on them. Therefore, retailers tend to charge a premium for these shiny grills. As a recommendation, it is a good idea to keep the old grill during this time if it still works. It helps to check out the available options first and decide which one to get by the end of the season.

Regardless of the season, the customers intend to purchase, the important thing is that they should not rush. Some people tend to quickly buy whenever they learn about a sale, for instance. Although waiting too long is not the answer, rushing out to purchase is not recommended either. Many consumers make this mistake and they end up paying more than necessary.

Buying Used Grills

Sometimes, a secondhand grill is the best option for those who wish to save some dollars. For those who cannot find a good price before summer comes up, a used one may be helpful. Online selections are often helpful here with websites, such as Amazon and Craigslist, providing used grills for sale. 

Summer is great for purchasing a secondhand cooking appliance. Many people choose to move during this season and they usually need to downsize. Therefore, most of them would be searching for a buyer that would help them get rid of their grills. If new grills seem to be a bit pricey, the used grill is the temporary solution. It allows the homeowner to hold barbecue parties while waiting for the right grill with the best price.

Finding Irresistible Deals

Often, good deals are found online. They are much cheaper than those available at local stores. However, it is not the case when hunting for bargains on the cooking equipment. Before considering purchasing online, it helps to determine the total cost of the item, which includes the shipping expense.

If an online store declares that it offers free shipping, the buyer should also ensure that the service also includes free handling. It is also useful to compare the online prices with the ones at the local stores. Online retailers would typically absorb the shipping costs, which would reflect on the total product price.

Consumers should also think about the grill assembly. There are several local stores, including Sears, Home Depot, and Lowe’s, which have stopped charging buyers for grill assembly. However, such an offer is only available during specific times of the year.

Meanwhile, buying a grill locally comes with many advantages. For instance, homeowners do not have to worry about the shipping costs, which can lower the pricing. However, the problem is that there would often be limited model choices. 

For those who want high-end grills, it is almost impossible to spot a product at a local store. It is best to go online where the better selections can be found.

If purchasing online is the chosen method, the buyer should be diligent in searching for online coupons. Sometimes, it is best to wait for days when free shipping is provided. However, customers should proceed with caution. As mentioned, sellers may not charge for the shipping fee but there are costs that are slyly added to the total product price.

The best local prices on grills can be found at retailers, such as Lowe’s and the like. Some customers do not mind if the grills come with a few dents. Although the products may look unattractive, the savings would certainly be significant.

As for warehouse stores, such as Costco, there are end-of-season price reductions on home appliances, including grills. Customers can wait for these offers, which are guaranteed to be worth the waiting time. They can enjoy as much as 70% off of the original price of the item.

If the costs are still a bit high for a customer, there are other local retailers to look into. Some big names, including Sears and Kohl’s, handle close-out products. These stores would often have deep discounts as they mark down the available grills.

Some deals are also printed in the weekly ads or the newspaper. Therefore, it pays to check these advertisements to make sure store specials are never missed. For those who may have missed the morning paper, the good news is that they can find the weekly ads published online. 

Additionally, they can proceed to the website of the store and check if there are any specials at the moment. Customers who have scored a discounted grill, which can be shipped for free, should also determine if it will be assembled without an extra charge.

Final Thoughts

Before buying, it pays to do some research first. Compare the prices and look at the current deals. Also, customers should learn not to be blinded by new products that promise to have slick features. If it comes with a ton of features, chances are, these extra facilities will remain unused. A simpler grill that is easier to use is often the better choice for most people.

For individuals looking to purchase a new grill, now is a wonderful time to go shopping for this appliance. With numerous options available, including those from well-established brands, it is hard to ever go wrong.